Whatever obstacle you are facing, Don’t run away from it, It was placed in your path for a reason. So embrace the rose aswell as the thorns, And Know that the Almighty will always led you bac…



2 thoughts on “DON’T RUN AWAY!

  1. The other reason not to run away is that many obstacles are put there by Satan, and we helped by doing something not in God’s will (even self-righteousness can do that, or signing “spiritual” surety for your children or others, if you have or have not read the book of Job). First we must ask what part we have in that obstacle being there. And listen for the answer. God will tell you if it is something you need to have a contrite heart about and if you need to make a change. By that, we take responsibility and also make closer our bond to God–He honors that humility and us taking that responsibility. In Proverbs, He promised the rod and discipline to the sons He loves (and daughters). So many people I know will never ask God about that. They either assume Satan is attacking them for no other reason than that they are righteous and doing God’s will (hmmm, don’t quite get that, because it would make God a horrible God who has no control of Satan whatsoever, and Job says different, doesn’t it?). I know Christians like that who would get offended if you ask: might there be any way you have contributed to this situation? I have been greatly empowered by making that connection: if you brought it on yourself, God will tell you how to “unbring it” because most of us sin without knowing what we did, or we were in denial. God’s rod wakes us up from unintentional sin, and from denial, by shocking us a little and disrupting our daily lives with “obstacles” (pains, injuries, blockages, illnesses, etc). It is rather arrogant to assume we did “nothing wrong” without asking God first if that is the case, agree? To think attacks come randomly is also putting yourself in a cruel random universe, which I don’t believe in. Yes, everything happens for a reason, but it is best to ask God ALWAYS and FIRST what that reason is. Faith is waiting on Him and knowing He will answer, often with a remedy that involved you, which empowers you and does not leave you exposed to the rod for any longer than you need to be to be “disciplined” and grow and learn. Praise God for His mercy on us! Amen! Resist the devil and he will flee! Don’t run away, but also ask why he even gets to be there, in this moment, this time.


  2. p.s. In other words, there is a difference between persecution (which Jesus promised for being one of the faithful) and the rod (which God allows to be used on us to wake us up and save us from our own self-destructions). But GOD makes that distinction, not us. He and His Spirit can discern (she is wisdom) which one it is and then we act according to their instructions, else we make a mess, further mess, of things, AND we don’t learn anything, just stumble along (something mentioned a lot in Proverbs, and it’s called being unteachable, and also “stiff-necked”).


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