The history of “divorce”

Eve divorced Adam when she obeyed another soul.

Adam divorced God when he ate of what she stole.

Then blaming and false victimhood drove both apart from God

and lack of repentance meant for humankind: the iron rod.


Adultery is departing from a promise that you made–

a law that you agreed to but you wrongly were afraid

of what a lower being than God might say–how they might laugh and taunt,

and so you walked over your own conscience, did just what they want.


When I was a little girl and saw an animal that was dead,

and realized that’s what I was being, by my parents, fed,

I knew that something dire was wrong, but I had not the strength

to put up with my daddy’s taunting, and I ate at length.


A conscience is a mighty gift that God gave to us all:

we can, and with great consequence, ignore it, and then fall.

And every time it’s pricked and we ignore it, we’ve more scales

upon our eyes and ears, and our hearts harden, and love fails.


But a time comes when we meet Jesus, and we know he was the one

man who stood up to temptation, and God’s will was done

through everything  he did and said. He did not compromise

so he could walk up to the cross, be killed and, for us, rise!


When we invited his overcoming spirit to our land

he comes in and gives superhuman strength to understand

how God forgives if we repent, we’re cleansed and we’re set free

to serve the truth, and, finally, with our conscience, to agree!


And so now I don’t eat meat: my first conscience is obeyed.

The Garden of Eden in my heart is spreading, as I’ve prayed.

For those who taunt me, quote the Scripture, try to say “you fool”

I will not do as you prescribe, I follow Eden’s rule!





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