Why did Jesus say “don’t tell”


As from the above link, I realize others are curious about this, too. But having had an experience that was amazing and miraculous, meeting Jesus in a dream and having eternal life breathed into me (being raised from the spiritually dead, so to speak), I couldn’t help but tell people, often to a group. MOST of what that got me was persecution, even by “I’ve been a Christian all my life” types of people. They often turn into the teeth-gnashing, fist-shaking people you see in Jesus’ story of the people hired in the 11th hour to “work in the fields.” You can just hear them saying: “what, you saved this harlot, drug-abusing person who dissed you for years, God? What??” I could just feel them being all squirmy about being in the same room with me when I confessed to some of the things I used to do, and what Jesus had saved me from. But what really made the envy rise was me telling them that Jesus came to me in a dream and gave me eternal life. I began to realize (I’m utterly slow) that this is not something you tell someone until God has told you to tell them. If He hasn’t, shut up.

Swine doesn’t always refer to whom you think they are, and it hurts every time your pearls get trampled. Jesus doesn’t want your faith trampled underfoot. He wants you to be blessed.

So he told people to pipe down, until he had proven his point (risen) but also to realize that some people are religious and some are born again. There is a difference and their reaction says it all.


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