The temptation that comes for us all:

self-righteousness and thus

like Job, to our knees we must fall–

be humble, not with fuss.

No matter how obedient we think

we are, my friend, we must,

come to God’s well, ask for a drink:

in living Water, trust.

No matter what change that we make

sin longs to set a trap:

self-righteousness the big mistake

while running that last lap.

To beat one’s chest, forget His gift

like heroes that we’re not,

is once again to cause a rift

between our heart and thought.

With all our body, mind and soul

to Him, attention turn!

The Teacher can save us from Sheol:

if teachable, we’ll learn.

But if we think we’ve come to rest

in our own goodness, NO!

“In Jesus’ goodness:” that’s the test

if truth is what we know.

And none, the Christ, 100 percent

can imitate while here!

We pray to follow where he went,

his guidance always near.

And none of us: 100 percent

our Savior can we be!

There is one only, God has sent!

And he’s not you or me.  : )



Wisdom from God is like manna. If we seek His wisdom for the problems of today, we will be fed. We are not to hoard or be gluttonous, or disobey His instructions on the collecting of it. There will be a Sabbath in which we just rest in His Word that was given us the day before. We meditate on it.

That is why almost every blog I’ve had (He tells me) ends up gone eventually. He tells me to destroy it. It fed me and it passes through. But I am not to hoard the manna, just be thankful it is given to me daily from a LIVING God. If I feared God would die, or that HE is DEAD or a part-time God, I would hoard and be a glutton for it (often called doctrine).

I have seen many a blogger argue with other bloggers over doctrine, which is anything other than repent and be saved, and take on his lighter yoke. Be no longer a slave to sin, and then show people how wonderful it feels to be in God’s grace!

Other than that, we are scattering.

Will this “blog” entry be here tomorrow? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I know the manna I am supposed to have tomorrow will be there and it will be perfect.

True Prophecy

Jesus said:

Matthew 16:28Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

28 Verily I say to you, there are certain of those standing here who shall not taste of death till they may see the Son of Man coming in his reign.’

When I met Jesus Christ in a dream, when he breathed eternal life into me, his reign, God’s reign, began over me. Am I perfect “subject” of the Kingdom. No. I still feel doubt about many of my everyday actions, but I do have faith that he is honing me into what will become a full-time citizen of Heaven when I taste “death.”

Complete death to sin in me is something I have to look forward to! And to live in a world in which I do not see a squirrel get hit by a car and suffer in the road, in which animals are not abused, and men don’t rape women, and children don’t have puffed up bellies from malnutrition.

By being willing to do what God asks me NOW, I am not earning, but accepting, by Grace, the wonderful reign of Christ over my everything (not just some things).

Though many a deceived person would say this might be a false prophecy on the part of Jesus (so many of the first Christians believe Jesus was returning in their lifetime, as in Armageddon, and many still desire some huge Armageddon event), I now read this and see his prophecy was for me and anyone who is born again. I am blessed to be among the “certain of those standing.” I don’t deserve it, but somehow I am.

May God bless you today and keep you. May you be, if you are not already, “certain of those standing.”

Why would JC even say “shake the dust?” When should we? How about when we are led to by the Holy Spirit.

Standing around someone who goes to church but doesn’t DESIRE to obey God in all things (the desire has to be there for the prayer to be answered: the desire IS the prayer because God already knows what we want, Jesus said), is like watching a cock fight. Someone’s going to get hurt, and most likely die. (Not because of God: God is good, but Satan wants to prosecute us and throw us into prison, hopefully forever.) Perhaps they will experience even worse than the ignorant person, whom Jesus prays for, or the avowed atheist who hasn’t been warned (in that very same church or by Scripture). I am not sinless (yet, may Heaven make me). I do not say this from being sinless but God knows that my greatest desire is to obey Him in all things. I pretty much hate my “self” when I don’t and when I feel stubbornly the “old man” who can’t put on the new man, I mourn. I beg Him to make me pure, pure-hearted, calm, peaceful, nonjudgmental, and whatever it is He wants me to be in every situation. Still, after years of watching a friend invite her life or his life to be the “cockfight,” at some point, I find I don’t have the stomach for standing nearby and watching it anymore. I don’t want a front row seat to their self-destruction, which is exactly what comes of someone who wants to be semi-obedient, use church-going as a bribe thinking that they can’t be prosecuted in the courts of Heaven if they are religious, or if they ignore God exists altogether. Our job, those of us who have been blessed with being born again, is to speak when God urges us to, but Jesus would not have even said what he did about shaking the dust if there wasn’t a time when even the nicest most welcoming people put their hands over their ears for the 490th time (did Jesus say forever or did he say a mathematically limited number?) and refuse to make the connection between their choice to sin and the consequences that happen from not being in God’s protection. How many times can you watch such disaster-attracting!???!!

He gives us permission to move on when He does, and we can either stay and watch more carnage, or we can go where He sends us next. He will send somebody else if that is His decision, but often a very strong urge to leave is not something we should fight. It is God’s prompting to quit for the time-being.

Don’t let Satan shame you about shaking the dust. It doesn’t mean that if that same person called you a year later and said that all their misery brought them to a place of “dying unto themselves” and getting born again of God, that you would turn a cold shoulder. No!!! You, like all the angels with God, would rejoice at that moment!!! Until then, blessed are those who pray and mourn for those who just refuse over and over and over to get it (as we ourselves may have once done before we came to the place we are, in which we, thanks to God’s Wisdom and gift of grace, have made the ultimate connection in our hearts, brains, spirit and soul, between sin and death).

Never stop praying for people. When someone rises in our minds, even someone who abjectly and rebelliously refused to hear what God has given us to say to them, we are to pray for them. And that’s something Satan would not want us to do because it gives him no fuel with which to shame us, and a prayer on anyone’s behalf surely is heard by our Father in Heaven.

Psalm 1:1 Politics and God do not mix. We are not to confuse them.

Why did Samuel grieve and leave when Saul took it upon himself to act without the Lord’s council (counsel)? He used the banner of God to cover a political act. Disobedience is disobedience, but the power grab seems to say “I can make my own blessings and tell people it was God who made me do it, or not do it.” Saul killed a lot of men, took booty, and forgave the politician at the root of the evil– the king. And he pretended to do it with God’s blessing. He mixed God and politics, and this is using God, not being used by God. That is why we have to be still and really wait on the Lord God when we are tempted to do anything political, that is about a side taking power, or something that will make us popular with a group. I see this as being one of the sins of ministers and Christians today who get caught up in politics, using God’s banner to cover for a need to do things man’s way: which is politics.

Sure, killing, which abortion is, is unlawful by the Ten Commandments. But the people doing it think they are doing something “good.” It is only by God’s grace and forgiveness, and the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding (Proverbs), that they will come to the same conclusion that a) having sex that isn’t in a committed marital relationship might begat a baby nobody wants, or just one of the party’s wants, so it isn’t wise, b) killing an unwanted life that has begun may be murder in the court of Heaven, so why risk it?, and c) God sees all–to act otherwise is to be an atheist–and would you really want God to see you having sex that leads to an unwanted baby, and then getting rid of the results so easily? Sin has consequences and we cannot escape them, though we try and people try to tell us we can. We cannot bribe God (by being religious), and we cannot ignore God (by claiming He doesn’t exist). And we cannot mix pleasing God with being political.

Jesus literally ran for the hills (well, he walked calmly) when people tried to make him a king, a politician. David only accepted the job because to not was to leave the office in the hands of someone who WAS a greedy politician (although he gave Saul respect right up to the very last and even after his death). David was a reluctant king and his main downfall, like Solomon’s, was fear (why was he not at the battle front?) and women (lust), not power.

Though God raises and deposes kings, He is not a politician. He doesn’t need our votes. We need His.

Lastly, politics puts things and ideas in boxes. God is not in a box. He operates from a point of view we can never have, so we must ALWAYS defer to His Guidance and Spirit, how to act in any moment. Politicians act on “planks” and “belong to a party.” Politics is just another religion–it is not Spirit-led. God’s people ARE Spirit-led. And this happens at an individual level at its strongest–the burning bush, the dream, the vision, the gut-feeling, even the voice of God Himself. These prompts often give surprising and unpopular actions and words for us. Being the most unpopular person in any room is almost a sure sign that you are doing God’s will for you in that moment. Whether the people surrounding you are pro- or anti- something, God’s way will almost assuredly be something different and even unusually different from any plank or platform man has “formed” to make life a little bit more “black and white” and “convenient.”

Our goal, as Spirit-led people, is to pray, listen and pray we have the ability to obey God, like the centurion Jesus marveled at (the only time Jesus marveled at the wisdom of a human born in sin), knowing that only He knows what can lead or help another person (not a group, even if Acts says it happened to a group, it happened to individuals) find their way Home, to salvation and a blessed rest of their life.

“Who do YOU say I am?”

I wrote this (below in quotes) on a notepad on my phone today when reading OYB. You (my friend in Christ, who I will not name) say isolation is bad and puts us at risk for Satan (yes, Eve was apart from Adam that fateful day), but Eve would have been better not to listen, in matters of what to believe and act on, to anyone BUT God, and Adam as well. Adam, when he had a chance to stop up the damage, didn’t. God has really made a point, to me, of personal relationship vs. speaking around Him and about Him (if it’s not to glorify Him and testify, that is, and as lead by the Holy Spirit). We all do it, so I am just as party to it, even knowing we all sin less when we run everything past Him (and have patience for His reply) and are not afraid to say or be what’s unpopular, even with “Christians,” until we do hear His clarification. Remember, no matter how you arrange a flock, there is always going to be someone on the outside, vulnerable to attack. That’s why encouraging all of us to be strong in God, even if alone (like David the little shepherd boy with his slingshot killing a wolf or a giant), is important. I am a feminist in the sense that Eve could have known better–a helpmate is on equal terms with God, not someone kept from having a personal relationship with God. I wonder that many ministers really don’t want the latter: it empowers people too much, and makes useless any human’s claim to special funds. The path is narrow, Jesus said, not wide: Shekinah was where she needed to be in front of and behind the Israelites as danger came from any direction, and eventually, as it did from the dawn of the human consciousness, from within.

“What is the first conversation that ever occurred behind God’s back? Let’s re-phrase that: what was the first conversation between two beings that wrongly assumed or pretended God could not hear what they were saying? Yes, that conversation between Eve and the serpent. God defined this to me today as “religion.” It was the first truly atheistic act. Any atheistic act is based on a lie, a deception. The serpent made a (what is called in rhetoric and logic classes) “loaded assumption” and Eve fell for it. My dad used to pull it on me at Christmas when he would say “thanks for the tie!” And I would say “you’re welcome” and then I would realize that he had just tricked me into telling him what was still wrapped under the tree. The serpent bet on Eve’s naivete, loading his inquiry with hints of “unequal status” perhaps perpetuated by Adam himself, and maybe even a sense of victimhood and entitlement (so prevalent in the latest women’s protests, unfortunately) she’d never been party to. He bet that she would believe what he said if he just spoke confidently enough, like my dad spoke confidently enough that I believed Christmas had already happened, the gift rightly opened (that had been forbidden). Misplaced trust is an awful thing, and can lead to dire consequences, in this case, a death sentence. From that moment on, Eve, who then took Adam along for the ride–Adam, who also believed he might act “behind God’s back,” were walking the Green Mile. They were “dead men walking” as they say in federal prisons. This God tells me is the momentum doctrine and religion (“truths” heard of anyone other than God) can have. It is like a cancer that spreads, killing all in its path. That is why Jesus in the same evening could bless Peter to be a rock for stating a truth that he only could have heard from God (and this I know from my own experience in a dream, when God told me Jesus was his Son in whom He was well-pleased) then call him Satan for doubting the path to the cross Jesus had just revealed. Jesus bluntly accused Peter of thinking as carnal men do, wanting to please men more than God, and living in fear, for his own life, attached as it was by then to the physical well-being and popularity of Jesus (Jesus did experience some of that remember).  How does this translate in our own walk towards God and with God? First, imagine Jesus asking you who he is. Like Peter, you may go all human, and say what you have heard from second-hand from ministers and elders, and even friends and family. But Jesus won’t settle for that. He will ask you “who do YOU say I am?” My answer after what I experienced in that dream in 2012, is the same today as the day God Himself told me: ‘you are The Christ, the Son of the Living God.'” No more, no less. Let those who have ears to hear, hear it, and preferably from God Himself!